SAP Solutions

CardConnect Smart. Secure. Flexible

CardConnect connects your ERP facility to the banking system, enhances payment card capabilities, and provides the communications link needed to process your card authorizations and settlement files. Our tool set for enabling secure payments include SAP-certified payment card interfaces, encryption solutions mandated and audited by the Payment Card Industry, and back office reconciliation and chargeback tracking capabilities.


CardSecure Smart. Secure. Flexible

CardSecure provides encryption capability for payment cards and other personally identifiable information that complies with bankcard-industry and other government regulations. Recent changes to data security mandates have introduced substantially more restrictive requirements than what SAP can provide. CardSecure meets these requirements and enables merchants to pass the now mandatory PCI data security audits.


CardEnhancements Smart. Secure. Flexible

Card Enhancements is a powerful suite of products that extend SAP payment card functionality, simplify financial operations, and streamline card payment. Many of the products are stand-alone and can work with any payment card processor.

CardClear with AutoClear is a comprehensive solution developed with businesses to enable customer payment by credit card for invoices that were not created in SAP as a payment card transaction.


HR Security Smart. Secure. Flexible

Security breaches involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) have been escalating over the past few years, resulting in millions of records and dollars lost. As an employer, you need to safely store the PII of your staff and contractors. Princeton Payment Solutions can help you learn how to secure this data, and will give you a foundation of language and concepts on which to establish in-house leadership on this topic.

PPS/SunGard Hosting Smart. Secure. Flexible

PPS/SunGard hosting removes sensitive data from your company premises, isolating data for PCI compliance, and stabilizing monthly expenses for PCI management. Servers are stored at SunGard’s state-of-the-art data center, and are designed to work with IPP”s payment card interface offerings, CardConnect and CardSecure.


PANPAD Smart. Secure. Flexible

The PPS PANPAD is a card entry device that takes your order entry workstations out of PCI scope. A number of currently available solutions use tokenization to remove most of your IT infrastructure from PCI scope, but order entry terminals have always been a concern. A PANPAD allows card data to be encrypted at the point of entry, effectively protecting all order entry and research terminals.