Custom Gift Card Program

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Gift Card Service


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Increase your sales and profitability with gift cards.

  • A quick, easy way to boost your sales
  • Works like traditional gift certificates, only better
  • Designed for your QuickBooks® Point of Sale system


More repeat business

  • Unlike gift certificates, where you give cash back on unused amounts, unused value stays on the gift card and must be spent at your store. Plus, a gift card reminds the holder to visit your store everytime they open their wallet.


Increased store traffic

  • Because the recipient of the gift card is often a different person than the one who buys it, selling gift cards can help bring new customers into your store.


Increased cash flow

  • The lag time between purchase and redemption of gift cards helps increase the amount of cash available to your business. And when customers redeem gift cards, more than 60% of them spend more than the face value of the cards.


Popular with shoppers

  • Gift cards are now a quickly growing “impulse buy” for consumers. Gift cards are now a quickly growing “impulse buy” for consumers. Your customers will appreciate the convenience gift cards offer.


Time savings

  • With gift cards , there are none of the time-consuming manual processes involved with traditional paper gift certificates, such as writing out the certificate and getting an authorized signature. Plus, if you have a card reader, you just ring up the sale and swipe the card for a fast transaction.


Use gift cards for in-store credit

  • Instead of refunding returns in cash, use gift cards as in-store credit.+


Competitive edge

  • Gift card holders are motivated to visit retailers where they have a gift card with an outstanding balance instead of a competitor. And offering gift cards gives you a valuable tool for competing with major retailers.


More accurate record keeping

  • With Intuit QuickBooks® Point of Sale Gift Card Services, you can process gift card transactions easily, reducing manual data entry and the chance for errors. Sales are tracked automatically!



  • Unlike paper gift certificates, gift cards are next to impossible to counterfeit.


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Important disclosures

  1. It takes approximately 3–4 weeks from the date of artwork approval for your gift card to ship. Between October and December, due to the high demand for the holiday season, not all orders may be expedited and delivery times may vary.
  2. The monthly fee is reduced if the QuickBooks® Point of Sale Merchant Service and QuickBooks® Point of Sale Gift Card Service are used together. The setup fee is waived when they are purchased at the same time.
  3. Pricing for gift cards listed above reflect Ready-made and Custom gift cards with one envelope per card ordered. No additional setup or plate fees required. It does not include applicable local, state, or federal taxes. Shipping and handling charges are additional.
  4. Requires Intuit QuickBooks® Point of Sale software version 5.0 or higher (updated to the most current maintenance release), sold separately, and a Gift Card Service account through QuickBooks® Point of Sale Gift Card Service, provided by Innovative Merchant Solutions, LLC, an Intuit Company. Application approval required. Fees apply. Requires QuickBooks® POS Gift Card Service gift cards (sold separately), internet connection or modem and phone line. Service is optional and independent of QuickBooks® Point of Sale Merchant Service. Optional card reader and receipt printer are sold separately or available with QuickBooks® Point of Sale Solution for retailers. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service, and support options subject to change at any time without notice.