Approving Your Business Cash Advance

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The Process of Applying and Getting an Approval for a small business loan is Simple.

Innovative Payment Processing has made it as easy as possible to obtain a small business loan.

Just Follow These Steps:

  • Fill out the Apply Now form or call (888) 457-8889. You may also fill out the Quick Quote Form as well.
  • Once your information is given to us via the above methods, we will contact you by phone and email to provide you with your pre-approval and application ready for signature. This typically happens within a few hours.
  • You will then fax or email us the signed/completed application with underwriting documents requested from you.
  • Once IPP receives and approves your completed package, you will receive a final contract for signature.
  • IPP will then fund your bank account for contracted amount, as long as all criteria and verifications are satisfied. Funding usually happens in as little as 72 hours of IPP receiving all required documents and information from you.

Please Contact Us now and get the process started!

What types of documents are needed for me to get a small business loan

How long will it take to get funds into my business bank account?